This guitar build is, thus far, called the Synchrocaster.

Anyone who knows me knows i love odd-ball, quirky, left field guitars from the late 50’s and 60’s so for this build I’ve taken influence from some of my favourite guitars from this period and used some of their unique features to create a true frankenstein’s guitar! There will be bits of Telecaster, Gretsch Synchromatic, Bigsby Standard, Jazzmaster, Danelectro, Teisco, Harmony and more….i like a lot of different guitars but there is, obviously, a running theme here! Watch this space as the build starts to come together!



  1. Awesome build. I’ve been playing for a while and wasn’t to get into the more technical aspects! Ive alwease wanted to build a 72 parts caster. Awesome job can’t wait to see then end result.

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