General Disclaimer:

Whilst I actively encourage every guitar player/owner to learn more about the more technical side of their chosen instrument, i do advise caution!

Many of the routine maintenance and setup tasks I will cover on this blog are fairly simple and can easily be carried out by people with little or no previous experience in luthiery or general engineering, however, caution should be used when attempting to tackle the more “involved” areas of guitar setup and repair. Where possible I will preface posts outlining the risks involved in carrying out certain tasks on your guitar, after all I’m here to make guitars better not to encourage people to make them worse!


Tools are, in general, perfectly safe to use (providing they are of good quality and maintained!) however if used incorrectly they can be dangerous, not only to your health but your guitar’s too! Only use tools that are fit for the purpose they were designed for, wear eye protection where necessary and think before you act! If you do not have experience with the more advanced tools used here take some time to learn about them before going nuts on your precious guitars!!!

The Fret Mechanic is not liable for any damage or injury suffered resulting from the misuse of tools or brains!!!


Although I work within the guitar industry and hold firm opinions about certain things regarding it I am not affiliated in any way with any of the brands i happen to mention on my blog. Nor am I affiliated with any of the views or opinions expressed by other people on this blog.

I will, where possible, always give credit to any 3rd party material ( quotes, photos, schematics etc) used within this blog that i do not own the rights to. If you believe I have reproduced any of your material without prior consent please contact me!


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