I am, first and foremost, a guitarist and a fan of all things guitar related. My passion for guitars and guitar music is challenged only by my passion for making, maintaining and fixing guitars.

I work in the guitar industry itself and as a private guitar technician performing setups, service, repair and customization.

After studying sound engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, luthiery and guitar repair  I decided to create this blog as a way of interacting with other like minded people who want to delve deep into the murky underworld of guitar design, construction, setup, maintenance and repair!

This blog is devoted to the technicalities of all things guitar. From the simple, but correct, method of restringing to leveling and profiling frets, from fine-tuning guitars so they perform to their truest potential to customizing them so they reflect all facets of our individual personalities.

Through this blog I hope to help people see through a lot of the bullsh*t that exists out there in the digital ether about guitars, the  way we care for them and how we set them up. While there are already a vast number of guitar and guitar maintenance blogs and sites out there, I would like to think this blog is a little different. No part of this blog is setup for my financial gain or commercial benefit in any way, shape or form. I am, at heart, a guitar geek and I am just as excited talking about guitars and guitar music now as i was when I was ten years old pouring through my dads record collection. This blog is for people who love guitars and love getting the best out of them, i do not need to tout for business here as i have other digital outlets for that, this is a blog about passion and a drive for learning!

I would like people to see this blog as an “every man’s” guide to guitars where people can trade stories and advice and where people can ask me anything and i will try, where possible, to answer all queries with honesty and without bias or snobbery!…after all, we are all in this together!

I also want to learn about YOUR  stories and experiences with guitars, after all it is a foolish man who declares that he knows everything!

So join me on a voyage of discovery and, hopefully, enlightenment!

Thanks for your time, TFM.

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