Month: May 2014


Hi all!

Just a quick update to let people know that i am alive and that the lack of blog activity is down to..

A) Being super busy with guitars and the like in the workshop

B) Being in the beautiful city of Florence with my wife


C) Coming back to find that my image bank has been corrupted hence the photos not appearing in certain places on the blog!!!

So just to let you know i will be getting back to normal soon and bringing forth some more updates. Since my last section on refretting was posted i actually finished spraying the neck and had the pictures ready to post…..then disaster…most of my images became corrupt and i have no backups…lesson to self! So rather than stripping the neck and starting again a will post another section on the next refret i do and maybe add some more in-depth photos this time.

Anyhow that’s it for now, watch this space for a start to finish setup and an update on the guitar build!!!